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v2.1, Last updated: Monday, May 27, 2019

This Data Governance Policy covers any data you enter to our primary product eZuite at or any other fully owned product or service by Enhanzer (Pvt) Ltd. It does not cover any third party or affiliated partner product. Please refer to the data governance policy of the respective partner if you are using products or services from one of our partners.


We take every possible measure to ensure the safety of your business data. We follow an array of strict rules and best practices to make sure your application experience is secure.

However, we do not have control over or access to your client device that you use to access the eZuite Portal. We recommend that you adhere to a set of minimum-security standards when using eZuite. In the case of your client device is compromised by a Virus, Malware, Ransomware or any other harmful artifact you should immediately inform us via or via your primary sales contact from Enhanzer. A compromised client device could result in compromising your business data.

Who owns your data?

You. All data entered into eZuite will be owned by the customer and we consider ourselves as the temporary custodian for the period of using our products or services.

Who has access to your data?

Only our customers have access to their data and can be accessed via eZuite or in the form of encrypted data backups. Enhanzer employees or any other person from our suppliers or partners do not have access to customer data.

We will be using your data only to provide the services and features as per the agreement signed which may include troubleshooting or personalizing your experience in using our products.

Where is your data hosted?

We use Microsoft Azure as our cloud service provider. Please refer to the Azure Trust Center for more details on how Microsoft Corporation manages data on Azure data centers. Our primary application and data hosting location is Singapore and the backup location is Hong Kong.


Backups and Retention

Your live data will be kept in the main databases and other forms of secure storage during the period you use our services.

In the case of you deciding the discontinue using our services, we will securely remove all your data from the live environment within 72 hours of termination of the agreement. However, backups will remain in our storages for a period of 12 months, unless instructed by you to remove immediately.

By default, we perform daily backups of your data and will be stored in Microsoft Azure. We recommend keeping the backups in our store locations. In a situation where you require to retain them in a private sever location owned by your organization, you will have to implement the required security practices and we do not take the responsibility of the safety of data stored in the third-party location.


Unfortunately, the transfer for information via the Internet is never entirely secure, which is why we cannot guarantee the security of the data transferred via the Internet. We protect our website and other IT systems against loss of availability, integrity, and confidentiality through suitable technical and organizational measures.

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